April 2, 2024 Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs) have been a hot ticket even before they were listed as a key initiative for secure software development practices in the National Cybersecurity Strategy of 2023. I started to track SBOMs progress when I heard a presentation by Alan Friedman, one of the early evangelists who was […]

February 29, 2024 One cybersecurity area that I tend to spotlight involves vulnerability management programs.  From vulnerability discovery, disclosure, sharing, prioritization, and remediation, there are many different types of tools, processes, and programs that can be employed to manage this problem. One unique vulnerability management program that has evolved significantly over the years is bug […]

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI/ML) are hot topics these days when it comes to politics, technology, and personal living. There is much discussion around the ethics, the threats, and the benefits of AI/ML in each of these circles. It comprises the newest arms race with our adversaries, and just about every industry is putting […]

I was delighted to see the recent appointment of Kelly Schulz as CEO for the Maryland Tech Council. Ms. Schulz has played a prominent role in Maryland politics for many years, most recently as a candidate for Governor. Prior to her run for Governor, she led workforce and innovation initiatives as a cabinet member at […]

For several years I have been honored to be a guest at the annual Forum on Financial Information Systems and Cybersecurity: A Public Policy Perspective organized at the University of Maryland by Larry Gordon, EY Alumni Professor of Managerial Accounting and Information Assurance; Martin Loeb, professor of accounting and information assurance and a Deloitte & […]

Assuring the secure adoption of a new technology, assessing your software supply chain for risks, hunting for vulnerabilities in your infrastructure are all complex and challenging tasks – but ones that are critical to securing your business or government agency. Having specialized, automated tools that are seamlessly integrated using standard methods and interfaces can significantly […]

Many years ago I was hosting a series of workshops on a variety of security topics. One of those topics dealt with role-based, attribute-based, and policy-based access control approaches and I was lucky to get Mr. Dave Ferraiolo as one of my presenters for the workshop. Dave has been a long-time evangelist for NIST on […]

Adopting a new technology can be fun but also challenging, especially if the technology is new to the market and there isn’t a lot of veteran users around who can help teach. An emerging technology such as SOAR, which aims to converge security orchestration and automation, security incident response, and threat intelligence capabilities into single […]