Spotlight: Cybersecurity ResearchI thought for this tax day (April 15) I would take an accounting of the articles and interviews I have written or conducted since the inception of Since the initial launch of in 2014, Active Cyber has presented 30 articles and 41 interviews to readers, as shown in the table below. Most of the focus has been on active defenses with some forays into risk economics, risk management, quantum cryptography, IoT/ICS, SOC operations and VR systems, blockchain, cyber forensics, and cyber training. Coming up over the next few months I plan to do a deeper dive into ICS/IoT/IIoT security, develop some insight into the security of autonomous systems, go farther into the intricacies of securing blockchain, investigate trusted systems, explore the human side of active defenses, and take a look at security and privacy issues around augmented reality / virtual reality. Let me know if you are interested in guest blogging or doing an interview on a topic or present an offering in one of these areas.


# Title of Article or Interview (linked to post) Category / Menu path Date Pub
1 DHS S&T Lays Out a Broad Yet Innovative Portfolio of Cybersecurity Research In This Year’s Showcase Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews, Spotlight – Research & Standards Published
2 Learn How D3 Security’s SOAR Platform Transforms SOC Operations In This Interview With Automated Orchestration, Spotlight – Interviews Published
3 Not Going to RSA? Check Out These Upcoming Cyber Conferences Spotlight, Spotlight – Cybersecurity News & Events Published
4 Mr. Robert Rahmer, Program Manager of IARPA’s CAUSE Program, Discusses Progress in Cyber Event Forecasting Research Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews, Spotlight – Research & Standards Published
5 Learn How Cybersecurity Dynamics Lays The Foundation For Advanced Cybersecurity Defenses In This Active Cyber Interview with Professor Shouhuai Xu of UTSA Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews Published
6 Digital Forensics Pioneer Jim Christy Provides His Unique Insights In This Interview with Active Cyber™ Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews Published
7 Cyber Risk Assessment Takes On An Actionable Approach In This Methodology by Dr. Charles Harry of UMD Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews Published
8 University of Maryland 15th Annual Forum Highlights Research At Intersection of Cyber, Business, and Public Policy Spotlight, Spotlight – Cybersecurity News & Events, Spotlight – Research & Standards Published
9 Learn How the Army Research Lab Is Paving the Way to a Virtual Reality-Based Security Operations Center In This Interview With Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews Published
10 Learn How DARPA Is Leading Research In Developing Resilient and Cyber-Assured Embedded Systems In This Active Cyber Interview Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews Published
11 Dr. Ron Ross of NIST Discusses New Multi-dimensional Cyber Protection Strategy In This Interview with Active Cyber Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews Published
12 Active Cyber Interviews Maryam Rahmani of Global Cyber Alliance – Learn About Free DMARC and DNS Security Offerings to Fight Internet Threats Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews Published
13 Cybrary’s Free and For Pay Training Offerings Helps to Turn Cyber Novices Into Professionals and Professionals Into Experts. Learn More In This Interview with Ralph Sita Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews Published
14 CyberFence from Ultra Electronics 3eTI Helps Secure ICS Enclaves – Learn How In This Interview with Ben Garber of 3eTI Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews, Spotlight – Product Reviews Published
15 AI and Mod-Sim Tools Create Insight for Better Cyber Investing Active Cyber Defense, Automated Orchestration Published
16 Learn How New Context Services Is Building Secure Attribution and Threat Detection Into ICS Security Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews Published
17 Scalable Network Technologies’ Mod-Sim Tools Enable LVC Training and Testing of Active Defenses Across Different Cyber Terrains Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews Published
18 How Can Machine Learning Improve Your Cyber Posture? Learn how in this interview with Homer Strong of Cylance Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews Published
19 Learn how Demisto applies machine learning to facilitate collaborative investigations beyond playbook automation Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews Published
20 ActiveCyber Interviews Professor Ehab Al-Shaer on Advanced Research in Autonomous Cyber Defenses Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews, Spotlight – Research & Standards Published
21 ActiveCyber Interviews Ron Gula – Former Tenable CEO Embarks on New Venture in Cybersecurity Start-up Investing Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews Published
22 ActiveCyber Interviews Jeanette Manfra – Assistant Secretary for the Office of Cybersecurity and Communications at DHS on Cybersecurity Strategies and Plans Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews Published
23 ActiveCyber Interviews Tony Sager – Chief Evangelist of the Center for Internet Security – on Emerging Technologies for Active Defenses Active Cyber Defense, Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews Published
24 Government-Industry Partnerships Enable Rapid Growth in Security Automation Advances and Adoption Active Cyber Defense, Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews Published
25 Security Orchestration: Looking Forward Automated Orchestration Published
26 Waverley Labs Pioneers Open Source Version of CSA’s Software-Defined Perimeter Specification Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews Published
27 Start-up Rivetz Wants to Secure Internet Transactions Using Crypto Tokens that Provide Proof of Security Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews Published
28 ActiveCyber Interviews Scott Musman, MITRE, About Applying Gaming Techniques to Cyber Risk Estimation Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews Published
29 ActiveCyber Interviews Professor Jintai Ding – Author of Post-Quantum Safe Crypto Algorithm and PAKE Protocol Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews Published
30 ActiveCyber Interviews Oliver Friedrichs, CEO of Phantom, on Security Orchestration Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews Published
31 ActiveCyber Interviews Professor Kanta Matsuura on Blockchain and Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews Published
32 ActiveCyber Interview with Kris Lovejoy – CEO of BluVector, Inc. Spotlight – Interviews Published
33 New Innovations Drive Active Cyber Defense Active Cyber Defense, Articles Published
34 ActiveCyber Interview with Mr. Curtis Dukes – Deputy National Manager for National Security Systems at NSA Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews Published
35 Interview with Mike Brown, CTO of ISARA Corporation on Quantum Cryptography Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews Published
36 Run-time Cyber Economics – Applying Risk-Adaptive Defenses Active Cyber Defense, Articles Published
37 The Rise of Quantum Computers – The Current State of Cryptographic Affairs Active Cyber Defense, Articles Published
38 Who is Innovating in the IoT Security Space – and How? Active Cyber Defense, Articles Published
39 ActiveCyber Interview With Dr. Doug Maughan – DHS HSARPA Cyber Director Spotlight – Interviews, Spotlight – Research & Standards Published
40 Are We There Yet? A Walk Through Quantum Capabilities Today Spotlight, Spotlight – Research & Standards Published
41 ActiveCyber Interview with Steve Orrin and Ned Miller — Security Leaders for Intel Security Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews Published
42 Continuing the Quest for How to Invest in Cybersecurity – Stops 2 and 3 Active Cyber Defense, Articles Published
43 How Can Global Network Reputation Scores Be Used To Guide Cyber Investment? ActiveCyber Interviews Leading Researcher – Mingyan Liu – To Find Out Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews Published
44 Learn the Fundamentals of the Gordon-Loeb Cyber Investment Model in this Interview with Professor Gordon Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews Published
45 ActiveCyber’s Quest for the Holy Grail of Cyber ROI Active Cyber Defense, Articles Published
46 Interview with Matt Barrett of NIST on the Cybersecurity Framework Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews Published
47 Cloud Access Security Brokers – The New Frontier of Active Cyber Defenses Agile Cloud, Articles Published
48 ActiveCyber Interview with Rob Frazier – Certified Splunk Architect Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews Published
49 ActiveCyber Interview with Bob Gourley – Former CTO of DIA Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews Published
50 Adaptively secure smartphones Adaptive Endpoint, Articles Published
51 Interview with Dr. Eric Burger: the State of Cyber Threat Intelligence Research / STIX/TAXII Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews Published
52 JHU APL Community Day Lays Out Research Roadmap for Active Cyber Defense Spotlight, Spotlight – Research & Standards Published
53 Interview with Richard Spires, Former CIO of DHS Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews Published
54 Getting Proactive About User & System Management Articles, Automated Orchestration Published
55 Interview with Bob Bigman, Former CISO of CIA Spotlight, Spotlight – Interviews Published
56 Voice Biometrics – Plugging the OPM Breach Adaptive Endpoint, Articles Published
57 Interview with NIST’s Ron Ross Spotlight – Interviews Published
58 Spotlight On… Active Cyber Defense Events – Past, Present and Future Spotlight – Cybersecurity News & Events Published
59 Spotlight: Something New for the Internet of Things Spotlight – Product Reviews Published
60 Spotlight: US Federal Research on Active Cyber for 2015 Spotlight – Research & Standards Published
61 The Three Ds: Deception, Detection, Delay Part 3 Deception Detection & Delay Published
62 Agile Cloud Security Agile Cloud Published
63 The Three Ds: Deception, Detection, Delay Deception Detection & Delay Published
64 Adaptive Endpoints Adaptive Endpoint Published
65 Automated Orchestration Automated Orchestration Published
66 The Three Ds: Deception, Detection, Delay Part 2 Deception Detection & Delay Published
67 Active Cyber Defense Capability Areas Active Cyber Defense Published
68 What is Active Cyber Defense? Active Cyber Defense Published
69 Intel-based Defenses Intel-Based Defenses Published
70 Intel-Based Defenses Part 2 Intel-Based Defenses Published
71 Intelligent Networks Intelligent Networks Published

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