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The Latest in Active Cyber Defense & Cybersecurity:

Learn How D3 Security’s SOAR Platform Transforms SOC Operations In This Interview With

I have been saying for a while that security automation, orchestration, and response (SOAR) tools are key enablers for tranforming SOC operations. And these tools have matured from glorified python...

Not Going to RSA? Check Out These Upcoming Cyber Conferences

Not going to the RSA 2019 Conference or MWC Barcelona? Maybe it’s sticker shock or the crowds or schedule or whatever. Late winter and spring are usually great times for...

Mr. Robert Rahmer, Program Manager of IARPA’s CAUSE Program, Discusses Progress in Cyber Event Forecasting Research

I have attended several conferences where researchers and practitioners describe some type of early warning system for cyber attacks. Some predictive systems involve the sharing of threat intelligence of attackers’...

Learn How Cybersecurity Dynamics Lays The Foundation For Advanced Cybersecurity Defenses In This Active Cyber Interview with Professor Shouhuai Xu of UTSA

When I first conceived the idea for this web site, I wanted to express a holistic, systematic and dynamic approach to designing and operating a secure environment. I had some...

Digital Forensics Pioneer Jim Christy Provides His Unique Insights In This Interview with Active Cyber™

From working on the Hanover hackers’ case with Dr. Cliff Stoll as described in The Cuckoo’s Egg to re-exploring a nearly 50 year old cold case of the infamous hijacker...

Cyber Risk Assessment Takes On An Actionable Approach In This Methodology by Dr. Charles Harry of UMD

Coming up with an assessment of cyber risk that is meaningful and actionable tends to be a task where practitioners consistently come up short. You are often stuck with two...

University of Maryland 15th Annual Forum Highlights Research At Intersection of Cyber, Business, and Public Policy

I recently attended the Fifteenth Annual Forum on Financial Information Systems and Cybersecurity: A Public Policy Perspective at the University of Maryland. The forum was hosted by Professors Lawrence A....

Learn How the Army Research Lab Is Paving the Way to a Virtual Reality-Based Security Operations Center In This Interview With

I remember reading a novel several years ago by Tom Clancy that featured virtual reality (VR) as part of the plot’s security operations center capabilities. I remember thinking how this...

Learn How DARPA Is Leading Research In Developing Resilient and Cyber-Assured Embedded Systems In This Active Cyber Interview

Finding the right security solution is often a difficult task, with many complex trade-offs to consider. Building a secure system is even more challenging as history has shown. Designing and...