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I have been seeing quite a number of references lately to the terms “cyber ready” and “cyber readiness.” Some of these references reflect an enterprise view of readiness – defined as “…the state of being able to detect and effectively respond to computer security breaches and intrusions, malware attacks, phishing attacks, theft of data and […]

My journey into OT security has led me to the question of can we safely operate automated security orchestration platforms in an OT environment or a converged OT/IT environment? I mean many OT systems are already highly automated operations. What are the ramifications of providing security responses in a highly automated manner? I learned that […]

This election year spurred me into researching the cyber resilience of OT / IoT systems, of which electronic election systems are a subset. I discovered there was quite a bit of synergy between cyber resilience and mod-sim. As I explored the relationship I became convinced that any OT or IoT system of consequence could significantly […]

A Plethora of Standards and Guidance for OT / IoT Security In my research into OT and IoT systems security, I have come across a plethora of guidance and standards from various organizations and standards bodies. To some extent, this wide range of guidance is difficult to get your arms around to figure out what […]

My most recent article discussed the first 5 of my top 10 recommended security capabilities for OT and IIoT systems. Here they are again for your reference. Capability 1: Real-time visibility and compliance tracking of assets that may have limited function and power Capability 2: Real-time anomaly detection including increased use of AI/ML technology and […]

Industry 4.0 Ushers In the Age of Digitalization Industry 4.0, or the fourth wave of the Industrial Revolution, leverages connectivity and autonomous operation to create robust Industrial IoT (IIoT) applications that will work in conjunction with legacy Operational Technology (OT). Industry 4.0 can be summed up as the digitalization of everything industrial. This includes digitalization […]

Over the past few years, I have been hearing a lot about the security issues and, therefore, the security requirements for Operational Technology (OT), as well as for the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Experts often describe these security issues as fundamentally different from Information Technology (IT) security challenges. I felt that these differences should […]