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January 15, 2024 Lately, I have been wondering about the emerging threat factors that are impacting the cyber kill chain and how the cyber kill chain and related frameworks [MITRE ATT&CK™, Diamond] processes, tools, and defenders need to adapt to these changes in 2024. Given today’s hottest topics, this line of thinking naturally led me […]

I have been thinking a lot lately about the accuracy of cyber attack attribution. Most cyber forensic analysts and threat intelligence specialists will tell you that cyber attack attribution done right is a laborious, time-consuming process that is often fraught with multiple dead ends and sometimes requires a leap of faith in the end. The […]

cyber intelligence based defenses

Intel-Based Defenses and Cyber Intelligence In my last post I talked about the six capability areas that comprise active cyber defense.  In this post, I will begin to break down one of the key elements of an ACD capability – i.e., how cyber intelligence and intel-based defenses can enable an adaptive security posture. Take a […]

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Sharing Cyber Intelligence Is No Longer An Option The rate of major data breaches across all industry verticals has reached alarming levels. The pace of these attacks is fueled by sophisticated underground marketplaces where exploits are traded and gains are monetized by cyber criminals. In addition, nation-states are making significant investments that are directed to the discovery […]