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My journey into OT security has led me to the question of can we safely operate automated security orchestration platforms in an OT environment or a converged OT/IT environment? I mean many OT systems are already highly automated operations. What are the ramifications of providing security responses in a highly automated manner? I learned that […]

I have been saying for a while that security automation, orchestration, and response (SOAR) tools are key enablers for tranforming SOC operations. And these tools have matured from glorified python script engines to sophisticated and integated tools over the last couple of years, providing some of the latest machine learning and AI capabilities. This has […]

My recent SOC Service Manager experience got me to thinking about cyber tool sprawl and the return on investment that my customer was getting for their cyber investment. There is easily over 30 different cyber tools in their portfolio which is not unlike many large organizations these days. And it seemed during my tenure that […]

Next Generation Concepts for Security Orchestration Workflow automation tools [aka orchestrators] are at the top of many CxOs’ buy and tech refresh lists as a way to drive down operational costs while improving quality of service across a diverse and increasingly complex set of technology resources. There are several reasons why orchestrators are receiving such […]

Security Process Automation

Proactive with a Personal Touch I was talking with a friend lately about proactive security. She mentioned a “proactive” practice she employed several years ago as a staff member of the security department of a large local bank when new system administrators were brought on board. The bank’s CISO had identified several security best practices […]

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Ramping up Your Security Operations Center You just found out that your network is permeated with malware, and has been for months. What do you do now? You can’t just bring the whole network down. And it has affected at least 5 different organizational units. Getting approvals to remediate those systems will take forever. How […]