Mr. Scott Musman discusses how game theory provides important contributions to cyber risk analysis modeling and to understanding mission impacts resulting from cyber attack. Learn the background and details of how the MITRE Cyber Security Game works in this interview with ActiveCyber. Recently I have been conducting some research into analytical approaches to risk assessment. […]

Professor Jintai Ding discusses his ground-breaking work in the complex world of post-quantum cryptography. Learn the background behind the development of his protocol for password authenticated key agreement (PAKE) that is based on a provably secure quantum-safe approach in this interview with ActiveCyber.  Last fall I attended a conference in Toronto where I heard a […]

CEO Oliver Friedrichs discusses the evolution of Phantom – a security orchestration tool company that is riding high on technical innovation awards and respect from early adopters. Learn how you can accelerate your security operations and improve the return on your security tool investment though orchestrators like Phantom. Find out where this front-runner in the adaptive […]

Professor Kanta Matsuura reviews the emerging research conducted by a wide range of academic institutions involving blockchain technology as part of the on-going initiative. Discover how this leading researcher is tackling the challenges around blockchain and its application to social systems in this interview with I recently attended a University of Maryland workshop […]

Kris Lovejoy discusses how BluVector’s patented machine learning technology is applied to detect zero day threats in real-time. Find out how your incident response team can accelerate time from detection to resolution by deploying BluVector into your network architecture in the interview below with One of the themes I have been harping on in […]

Curt Dukes of NSA discusses NSA’s Active Cyber Defense (ACD) program and highlights how academia, industry and government are moving forward to “achieve the key ACD goal of defensive response within cyber-relevant time.” Learn about the genesis, the goals, and the accomplishments of this program to date in the interview below with If you […]

Mike Brown, CTO of ISARA Corporation Discusses ISARA’s offerings for Quantum Safe Computing. Learn why you need to plan for a quantum-safe transition now for your applications and some of the options that are available in this interview with ActiveCyber. Back in September, wanting to learn more about quantum safe computing, I attended the 4th […]

Learn about the expansive portfolio of cyber security research going on at DHS HSARPA as Dr. Doug Maughan lays out the many cyber research programs planned and underway to tackle cyber’s tough problems in this interview with ActiveCyber. I attended the DHS HSARPA Cyber R&D Showcase held in Washington, D.C. a little while back and […]