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The Latest in Active Cyber Defense & Cybersecurity:

New Innovations Drive Active Cyber Defense

The operational tempo of the enterprise in cyberspace demands engagement of protections in cyber-relevant time. No longer can enterprises depend on human-driven processes to address the ever-increasing number of cyber...

ActiveCyber Interview with Mr. Curtis Dukes – Deputy National Manager for National Security Systems at NSA

Curt Dukes of NSA discusses NSA’s Active Cyber Defense (ACD) program and highlights how academia, industry and government are moving forward to “achieve the key ACD goal of defensive response...

Interview with Mike Brown, CTO of ISARA Corporation on Quantum Cryptography

Mike Brown, CTO of ISARA Corporation Discusses ISARA’s offerings for Quantum Safe Computing. Learn why you need to plan for a quantum-safe transition now for your applications and some of...

Run-time Cyber Economics – Applying Risk-Adaptive Defenses

Well, it has been a long break since the last article of this series but I feel duty-bound to do this third article on cybersecurity investment since I find the...

The Rise of Quantum Computers – The Current State of Cryptographic Affairs

Quantum computing is highly desired by the supercomputing community for solving a wide range of problems that are extremely difficult (if not impossible) to solve today. One example of a...

Who is Innovating in the IoT Security Space – and How?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a hotbed of innovation but I have been wondering who is really innovating in the IoT Security space. It seems to me that IoT...

ActiveCyber Interview With Dr. Doug Maughan – DHS HSARPA Cyber Director

Learn about the expansive portfolio of cyber security research going on at DHS HSARPA as Dr. Doug Maughan lays out the many cyber research programs planned and underway to tackle...

Are We There Yet? A Walk Through Quantum Capabilities Today

Are We There Yet? A Walk Through Quantum Capabilities Today

I remember reading not long ago a news snippet about NSA deprecating some aspects of Elliptic Curve Cryptography due to quantum computing. Quantum computing has been futuristic for quite some...

ActiveCyber Interview with Steve Orrin and Ned Miller — Security Leaders for Intel Security

Learn about Intel Security’s approach to dynamic defenses and being “Securely Connected” in this ActiveCyber interview with two top security leaders from Intel Security. Intel Security has a long legacy...